Flourish is my semester-long capstone project that was inspired by a very common problem I felt needed a solution: Often young girls are left to figure a lot of life out on their own, and have to navigate difficult themes pretty much alone.

Flourish is a 12-month subscription box service that is meant to bring guidance and comfort to young girls and introduce them to life topics in a fun, creative way. Each box highlights a different life theme for the girls to read about, and includes a few goodies related to the theme of that month.

The booklets included in each box talk about different life topics like navigating friendships, getting your period, school, hygeine, etc. 

Each with their own designed cover, aiming to be as discreet as possible.

This project was inspired by my 11-year-old sister, so it was only fitting to have her create the icons for Flourish. She drew them herself and I brought them to life.